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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ducks, ducks, ducks

Today, I only took pictures of ducks.  It was very early in the morning and dark and cloudy, though it did clear up later.  But, most of these ducks were out of reach of my camera by then.

First up is the Welsh harlequin and the blue Swedish duck.  I thought the WH looked pretty cool in his molt.

I only found one sister duck, Mama's Little Weakling.  I saw no sign of her other sister or mother.  Weakling looks a LOT like her mom.  I hope the hawk didn't get the other sister.

I saw these two wood ducks, I think one is a juvenile male.  It could be one of the babies hatched this year or it could be Baby Doodle:

He had something wrong with his eye.  He can open it, but I can tell it's irritating him:

Fish Food Mama still has all five of her ducklings.  Here's a photo of a couple of them:

I think this might be Indy and his mom:

I think this is Sweetie:

The mom with 8 ducklings showed up, she only has four now.

All four of them are the ones with two eyestripes, usually those turn out to be rouens, but it could also be because of their mom's markings.  None of the "regular" ducklings have survived it seems.

This female duck looks almost exactly like the mom, but I think she's a juvenile.  Perhaps she's a daughter from last year, but I don't think I've ever seen her before.

Maybe she's the "yellow" duckling I saw with Brown Mama a couple of months back.  That duckling, I'm pretty sure, is Big Daddy's duckling as I saw the mom and him together a while back.  That would also explain why the two females looks so similar.

Mom escorted her away.  She made baby sounds the whole time.  I think she was curious about the ducklings.

I saw only one killdeer today and no signs of the tiny babies.  They've been having baseball tournaments in that field for the last few days.  So, I suspect, that they moved way out of the area.  Also, no sign of Bossy Mama and her duckling.  A duck resembling Bossy was seen on another side of the lake, but past his full molt and without a ring, so it's unlikely that was him.

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