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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ducklings still here

"Yellow-cheeks" was seen today, but only for a brief moment before she went back into hiding.  She still had two ducklings.  At first, I thought they were both the dark ducklings and the last yellowish duckling had disappeared.  But, when I look at the picture below, I can see that one duckling is noticeably lighter than the other.  He must have gotten darker over the 5 days I didn't see them.  They are now 10 days old.

Mom is definitely a descendant of Fish Food Mama.  I think this might be one of Caramel's babies from last year.  Perhaps the one that I saved from the fish hook.

Still no sign of the lone yellowish duckling that someone else saw last week.

I finally got to see Fish Food Mama's ducklings again, by themselves.  But I think I only saw four of them.  Here's three coming towards me.  I think the four I saw were two males and two females.  Indy might have been around somewhere.  I think he's got a crush on one of the ducklings that were dropped off last week that are the same age as him.

I think this might be Sweetie:

A male duckling:

Across the lake, an injured young ducklett has made friends with the pretty female who might be Big Daddy's daughter from last year.  I know that this particular duck did not have any ducklings of her own and the other one that looks like her still has very young ducklings.

But, they seem very attached to each other.  I heard of a duck that had a fish hook in her leg and almost got strangled by fishing line.  I wonder if this is her.

I think this might be Neo, but I am not sure.  His bill mark and other characteristics are very similar to Neo, but he seems more mature.  Neo turned 3 months old last week and is at the age where head markings change just before he gets his green head.

He also was sitting near a young girl duck, which also makes me think it might not be Neo:

The four dumped Pekins are still alive.  One has tape around his leg, but it's beginning to come off.

I saw a few coots around the age of these two next ones.  This is the age they're supposed to reach before they are chased away by their parents.  These two chicks are almost the same size as their mom, but mom doesn't care for them and gets annoyed if they squeal too much.  However, I saw no violence between adult and chick, just a lot of "shut up!" vocalizations by the parents.

I saw this young killdeer this morning.  I think it just started to learn how to fly as it looks like Tiny did when he was about 7 weeks old.

This might be the same bird, but from the other way around.  You can see some down on the chest.  There was another killdeer protecting him, but I couldn't get a good photo:

I think this might be the one protecting him, but I am not sure.

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