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Monday, July 9, 2012

Peaches and a killdeer chick

I think the duck in the photo above might be Peaches or her daughter.  She has 7 little ducklings on this hot day.  Peaches is the mother of the ducklings that lived under the boat dock last year.  She was not too far away from the docks in this photo.  It's really late in the season for ducklings right now.  But, there is an advantage.  For one, the temperatures are higher, so there's less chance of hypothermia, but that might be a downfall because the ducklings can't regulate their temperatures either way.  Also, the herons are pretty much done with their chicks, so there are less of them around.  And, there are even fewer gulls right now, too.  The pelicans are still a threat, but they weren't around today.

I found the baby killdeer in the ballfields, she was pretty far away for me to take photos of her.  She's beginning to grow now.

There were a lot of starlings and blackbirds all around her, but they didn't attack or bother her or her parents.

Here she is passing by her dad:

The two dumped Pekin ducklings were nowhere to be found.  I'm hoping that they got picked up and taken away and that a predator didn't get them.  I will check, tomorrow, to see if they're still there or if they were just hiding from the sun today.

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