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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another two dumped Pekin ducklings

Unbelievable!  Another two Pekin ducklings were dropped off a couple days ago that are too young to be on their own.  They appear to be about four or five weeks old.  One duckling has a metal fishing sinker/weight attached to its bill, probably from trying to feed on algae.  It doesn't seem to be bothering him much, but if it's made of lead, he could die if he swallows it.  I have a feeling it was attached to some algae he swallowed and he can't seem to spit it out.

The other duckling, in front, is very aggressive and mean towards the one in the back.  But, if the two separate, the mean one begins to call for him.  However, as soon as they meet, the mean one begins to rip off downy feathers from his back.  It's not the pecking that you see siblings do, it's like a drake trying to dominate another one.  Fortunately, they're both the same size, but not for long because the mean one doesn't let the weaker one eat anything.  Part of this behavior could be coming out of starvation as I'm sure they're extremely hungry.  The weaker one seems to know how to find plants to eat.

I am not able to rescue these, myself, and I am trying to find someone who can come get them before it's too late.  Unfortunately, for them, I suspect that both are males and males are hard to place.  Since they are partially feathered (though they get soaking wet when they swim), are fairly large already,  and it's warm both in and out of the water, I think they have just about as much chance of surviving as any other dumped duck.  They seem to know about taking to the water when disturbed and have, kinda, attached themselves to another Pekin drake in the area at times.

I will still work on trying to get someone to take them, if possible.

In the meantime, I saw Neo, he's fully feathered now and should be flying.  But, his wings don't look quite right:

This wood duck was really friendly with me and walked right up.  She then followed me as I walked away. It might be the same wood duck from a few days ago:

Something unusual in this location:  Tricolored blackbirds:

I also saw Killer Jr. and Miracle's baby killdeer chick in the ballfield.  Unfortunately, though, they did not leave when the players arrived to play ball.  I suspect they left, later, which is good because people were driving in and around the field and they could have gotten run over by a car if they left at the wrong time.  Plus, two kites were hunting nearby and the little chick could be mistaken for a mouse.

And, Fish Food Mama's duckling family is beginning to separate.  I saw Indy by himself, another male duckling with Sweetie, and the other two in two different places.  When it's time to nap, they all come together and mama looks over them.  I think I also saw Sister ducks, both fully flying.

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