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Monday, July 16, 2012

Juvenile Cooper's Hawks

Today was not a great picture day.  Many of the animals and birds were either hiding, too far away, or obscured.  I did get a couple of photos of Big Mama's two fledglings.

Here is the little male, he's very curious and checks out everything around him:

His big sister is a little shy and when she saw me nearby, she began screaming for mama.  But, before that, she tried to catch a squirrel.  I don't know what it is about juvenile female Cooper's hawks and squirrels, but they all seem to want to catch them, unlike the juvenile males:

I hope I never see one of these guys catch a killdeer there, that would devastate me.  But, I know it's a matter of time that I will see it.

Here is a great egret nearby.  It's a little early in the year for them to be back here:

And, finally, Mama's Little Weakling.  She's looking more and more like her mother.

The four little ducklings, seen yesterday, are all doing well.  Mama left them alone for a few minutes, but one duckling began to scream for her and she came back. She then led them to a place where they could eat.  When she flew over them, one duckling shot out from the group like lightning, but came back when he saw it was his mom and not a gull.   I was worried because a juvenile red-tailed hawk was in the area and I thought he caught the mom.  But, all is good as far as I know.

And, Sweetie, Indy, and the other two brothers were all seen doing well, too.  I don't know what happened to the other female or Fish Food Mama, today.  Sweetie is starting to get her big girl duck voice.   Neo was not seen at all today.

Pollux was in the ballfield with his dad, no sign of Miracle and her little chick.

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