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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brown pelican and Smudge and Peanut

Not much to report on today.  The juvenile brown pelican came down in the middle of a flock of coots and ate something.  I suspect it was a fish because it went down really fast.  The baby coot in that area was seen afterward, doing fine.  He's one of the few baby coots that have actually made it to almost 3 months old.

Brown pelicans are almost unheard of at Lake Murray, but, this year, many juvenile brown pelicans have been seen inland in their search for food.  No sign of the adult that accompanied him and his sibling there.  (His sibling died soon after arriving).

I also saw what I think was Smudge and her sister Peanut, together.  A male, either their dad or that big male in the area, was kill-deeting to them from across the little cove.




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