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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fish Food Mama

Mom with four ducklings
 Indy was off doing his own thing when the photo above was taken.

I think this next one is Sweetie:

Two more ducklings:

Three together (not my bread left there):

Better news on the dumped ducklings.  The weaker one on the right managed to get rid of the sinker, hopefully he didn't swallow it.  And, both of them were seen foraging and eating this morning.  The stronger one was not mean to the weaker one at all today and was even affectionate.  I am calling them Sinker and Stinker.  Sinker is the one on the right and is the one that had the fishing weight attached to his bill:

Neo seems lonely and wants to be their, and everyone else's, friend:

Here is another duckling about the same age as Neo on the other side of the parking lot:

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