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Friday, August 29, 2014

Update on Trouble and Peaches

I didn't realize I went so long without updating everyone on the ducks at the lake.

First, I wanted to update everyone on Boat Dock Peaches and her ducklings.  A few days after my last post, Peaches only had one duckling.

I wasn't able to visit the lake until much later and she had no ducklings left at all.

Trouble gave me a good close-up.  He is so curious about everyone and all the other ducks:

He was beginning to get a little errant feather right where the back of his head and neck meet.

I saw him a little bit later and he had grown.  But, he was so far away I couldn't see any details.  A week or so later, I looked for him at least twice and didn't see anything that looked like the duck in the photos above.  The closest I've seen is the duck pictured below.  He's only slightly larger than Trouble and has the errant feather and correct head and body shape.  But, appears to be a much older duck.  I have a feeling that this might not be Trouble and Trouble may have passed on.  But, I know of no other ducks that are the same size and shape that Trouble was.

Ducky Ducky looks a lot better and has even gained a little weight.

The two wood ducks, old and new, are still there.  The younger one is getting his drake colors again while the older one looks like he's not going to be full colored anymore, but still looks healthy.

Wednesday, I found this recently released rehabbed mallard acting weird.  I thought she was sick.  But, she was actually hooked together by a nasty 8-pronged fishing hook and lure.  I'm so glad I asked for help with her because I thought she was sick and dying.  She was unhooked and all the hooks were removed and she was re-released.

RIP Big Bumblefoot:

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine rescued Big Bumblefoot to help him with his foot infections.  When she couldn't find the source of the infections, it was agreed that she would keep him comfortable.  I told her that I didn't think he would live a lot longer.  I actually expected him to live anywhere from 3 months to about a year.  Unfortunately, he died about 8 or 9 days later.  But, during that time, he was spoiled and loved upon.  He died in his sleep in comfort.  His new owner was disappointed that he couldn't enjoy his retirement longer.

This picture was taken only a couple of days before he was rescued.  He had an awesome temperament and loved being with people.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Boat Dock Peaches has new ducklings!

Boat Dock Peaches finally hatched her ducklings a couple days ago.  Here's a photo of four of the five of them.  I guess she had six to begin with:

One of the goslings is limping and lagging behind.  Mom waited for him.  Here he is greeting his siblings after making it back to the group.  

An ibis came to visit today.  That duck in the background doesn't know what to think about it:

Just a shot of the pigeons flying around.  There's a new sprinkler system that goes off whenever a bird tries to roost on the docks.  As a result, the pigeons seem confused as to where to hang out:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rattlesnake and bird count

I counted the birds yesterday, but found nothing unusual.  Because I have limited time and have to cover a long distance, I often don't see "details" with the birds.  I plan to do a stationary count a little later to get a more thorough look at the birds in the area.  However, there were a LOT of mallards and way more coots than there used to be.  So, I think migration is beginning.

I got a report of two rattlesnakes on the road, but I only saw one.  I think it's a southern Pacific rattlesnake.  Here is the picture of him:

Everyone stopped to enjoy the snake crossing the road.  Then, some guy on a bike tried to run it over!  What a jerk!  The snake ended up going into the brush to hunt rats and mice and maybe a towhee or sparrow.  I didn't see the other snake which was said to be much larger.

Ducky Ducky is starting to look a little better and I caught her having a bath yesterday with her boyfriend.

I also found Troublemaker, the duckling.  He looked like a ruddy duck when I first saw him.  Mama duck seems really frustrated with him because he's a bit disobedient.  He's lucky to have a mother like him.  Most female ducks would have given up on him long ago.

Woman releases pet parakeets at Lake Murray:

I got a report that a woman has released a lot of parakeets at the lake on possibly two different occasions.  One was re-caught, but I haven't seen the other ones.  Two hungry Cooper's hawks have been hunting in that area.  Seriously, don't release your pets there.  It's not safe.  If you loved your animals, don't do this to them.  The animal shelter will take in birds and they don't euthanize the well behaved, healthy ones.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Old and young generation wood ducks

I thought I would post this photo of Doodle's Son, an older wood duck, and a younger one, perhaps Doodle's grandson.  They seem to be best buddies.  I haven't seen any wood duck females at Lake Murray in a long time.

Update on Ducky Ducky:

Several attempts were tried to catch Ducky Ducky who is totally beaten up and not doing well.  But, all were unsuccessful.  However, someone wanted to help out Big Bumblefoot with his infected feet, so he was caught instead.  However, his feet are so bad that the only option for him is a series of painful surgeries that the lady who is caring for him thinks would not be humane.  So, Big Bumblefoot is going to stay at her house in comfort with good food and plenty of attention until he passes away.

Big Bumblefoot

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

RIP Puff

Last photo of Puff

Bigboi's friend, Puff, died late last week.  Last time I saw him, about a week ago, he was doing very well.  His hurt leg was mostly healed and he even ran up to me with a lot of vigor.  But, he was acting a little weird.  Mostly, he was by himself all the time, but he did seem to want to be near me.  I think he had a broken heart from his best friend dying.

In other news, I think it might be time to rescue Ducky Ducky.  She's looking really bad, but not bleeding.

Trouble is still around and not much has changed with him.  Mama seems to be taking good care of him.

I don't think he'll ever be normal, but his mom still cares.  However, he's still a bit of an independent duckling and you can often see him by himself.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Birdy update

Not a whole lot going on bird-wise.  I got a close up of this wood duck whom I think is Doodle's Son (the one whom I called Doodle's Placekeeper).  He looks like his dad after his last breeding season.  I'm betting this guy is now "retired" and may not be breeding anymore.  We shall see if he gets his colors back next year.  Usually, when they get scruffy like this, they're near the end of their lives.  Doodle lived over a year in his scruffy phase.  He appears healthy otherwise.

The Canada goslings say "hello".

Troublemaker is still under-grown and fuzzy on his back.  But, he is showing some growth.  Here he is next to his mom:

He might not be a Brewer's duck because he's getting blue speculum feathers.  But, he still looks different from a regular mallard:

He still has a lot of white on his belly:

I love watching the terns doing courtship.  Here, a female is waiting for her male to bring her something to eat.  I also saw a juvenile Forster's tern:

I couldn't identify these, at first, but they're cowbirds.

I saw a California gnatcatcher family, but only the mom let me take a photo of her:

The domestic ducks seem to be mostly fine, though I think something is going on with the Pekins.  I think we might be missing a couple of them.  It's been hot and this breed of ducks don't do so well in hot weather.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Update on Troublemaker and a few photos of the anchovy feeding frenzy

At Lake Murray, there's been a flood of new baby ducks.  Unfortunately, most, if not all of them, don't make it much more than a week.  

Earlier this week, I saw the mama with the last of her ducklings; the one that was brutally attacked.  His sibling was gone.  This guy was 10 days old when this photo was taken.  I did not see her or the duckling today.  I'm hoping she moved him on to a safer area, but I don't have hope for him.

 Troublemaker is starting to grow just a bit.  But, something is definitely wrong with him (and, yes, he is definitely a male):

It's been about 6 weeks since I first met him and he was at least 2-3 weeks old at that time.  So, he should be about 8-10 weeks old now.  But, he looks and acts like a 5-6 week old.  His siblings are normal for 8-10 weeks old.  So, Troublemaker may actually be the same age as his siblings, but behind on development.

Mom keeps a good eye on him, but she's also trying to encourage the others to fly and can't wait for Troublemaker to catch up to them.

His best friend is his brother, seen here at the bottom right.  The one at the top is an adult male.  He gets along well with other ducks and is smart enough to know to avoid the large males.

On Monday, I went to Imperial Beach where they were having a hug anchovy visitation.  Lots of birds were there.  I saw one juvenile snowy plover, whom I only got a blurry photo of, so I'm not posting it.  Here is his dad who ran up to me to distract me from his chick.  A female was also seen in the area.

Lots of fun willets, many still in breeding plumage:

Pelicans diving for their favorite fish, anchovies:

But, the big spectacle was the tens of thousands of shearwaters flying by the shoreline for hours.  It was like the passenger pigeons where they just kept on coming.  I saw that they were flying in a huge circle.  Thousands and thousands of birds continuously streaming by..  Everyone that saw them was amazed.