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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Even more late ducklings

Surprise!  New ducklings!

This is the most strange duckling season, ever!  Today, I found a mom in the "gull area" with four new ducklings.  She quickly moved out of the area and disappeared.  Hopefully, she will stay away from there.  The mom looks totally unfamiliar to me.  It's entirely possible that someone may have rescued her family and dropped her off at the lake.  But, she also looks like Butterscotch's daughter, too.  She has nice, light-colored cheeks:

There actually weren't that many gulls there, today.  I think the Cooper's hawks are back to hunting in that area (it turns out it was Big Mama's mate, not Big Mama that got hit by a car.  Big Mama raised her chicks all by herself and they've now fledged).  The gulls that were there were of the Bad Gull Duckling Eater family.  Here's one of them flying over the ducklings, looking for them, or some dead fish, to eat.  

Last week, two guys dropped off a mama mallard and her eight, almost grown, ducklings.  They, apparently, had flown into their yard and pool area a few months back.   They've been doing OK, so far.  Here's five of them:

I think the one in the middle might be Mom:

Two more:

I dropped my camera, and this friendly guy ran up to see what it was.  He looked a lot like Indy, but I don't think it is:

 The last of the three baby coots in this spot was seen.  Here he is getting fed:

Still no sign of Miracle, Killer Junior and their baby chick, though I heard some panicked killdeer calls on the golf course, so I think they may be nearby.  In the ballfields, I couldn't tell what was happening because they were far away.  But, it loos like Squeak, Pollux, and their son where there:

Pollux and Son

Pollux didn't seem to want his son around and chased and flew at him while I was there.  It's time for his son to leave and find his own mate:

Flying at his son while Squeak ducks down

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