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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 new dumped ducks, plus 4 baby mallards

Today, I found four new, young, Pekin ducks.  I think they're all male mostly because they seem to have a raspy peep and are really quiet.  One duck made a louder peep like a female, but it was raspy and he didn't vocalize as much as a female would.

Louie came over and greeted the four ducks who, smartly, moved away from him.  Once Louie saw that they were ducks and male, he went back to his geese friends.  I think he tried to call them over to the flock, but they ignored him.  I hope he leaves them alone as he attacked and injured a female Pekin duck a month or so ago.

The four ducklings I saw on Sunday are still alive!

The mom was keeping them well hidden:

This little yellowish duckling is the boss of all the others.  But, after a couple of hours, he was tired and lagging behind.  It is a warm, humid day.  

I still can't figure out who the mom is, but I think she might be a female that was hatched last year:

Later, the mom moved them out into an open area where gulls usually hang out, but there were only three gulls seen on the entire lake today (and three Caspian terns) and they were pretty far away, so they were relatively safe.  I think they were extra hungry today and that's why there were over there where people feed them.

This one is my favorite, so far.  I am betting it's a girl.  Still too young for me to get attached to her because anything can happen at this age:

I saw Pollux. his son and what I thought, at first, Squeak.  But, this may be Peanut, Squeak and Pollux's daughter.  Later, I just saw Pollux and his son alone.  I have a strong suspicion that Smudge, their other daughter,  has found a mate and has separated herself from the family.

I'm finding it harder and harder to distinguish Fish Food Mama's ducklings from the ones dropped off last week and others that are maturing.  I think this might be one of the males.  

I still can't find Neo, but a lot of juvenile and juvenile-looking ducks have been all hanging out in the same spot.  Twice, I thought this was Neo, but it's an older duck.

Do a biiiiiiig stretch!

Have a nice day!

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