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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meditating with a baby killdeer

Today, I went to the lake around sunset, but only to a small part where the Miracle and Killer Junior's family was.  So, I meditated in this area where the killdeer chick was running around.

Dad and mom were protecting her, but weren't too upset.  She wasn't really afraid of me except that she could tell that her dad and mom were warning her to stay away.

When I sat to meditate, Dad led her away.  It was almost night and it was Dad's turn to take care of the chick:

Mom, Miracle, laid down to watch me in case I tried to follow them.  If I did, she would try to distract me and warn them.

One thing about mediation is that you usually have to sit very still.  So, as I did, the parents eventually came back and I saw the little chick coming my way.  She seemed not to notice me until I started talking to her.  She moved away before I could get a picture of her, again.

Unfortunately, I did not see or hear the second chick and I fear that it is probably gone.  The remaining chick is one week old today.

Two wood ducks were in the area, too:

As I continued to sit still, both of them came within only a few feet of me to check me out.

One of the brown pelicans was trying to fish at this lake in shallow water.  I think he got a few fish tonight, too:

I also saw two white-tailed kites hunting near where the killdeer chick was.  One dived at something, but I don't think it was at the chick.  There are a lot of mice that live near there, too.

All kinds of birds and animals came up to me while I was meditating.

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