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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Then there were two, now there is one. . .

The one on the bottom disappeared within the next hour

Sad news about the three ducklings I saw yesterday.  When I first arrived, there were only two, the little rouen duckling was gone.  An hour later, there was only one.  I suspect that this will be the last time I will ever see him.

Meanwhile, the five ducklings are doing well and while they were spotted on one side of the lake, they went back to their regular spot later on.  I have a feeling that the mom with the young ducklings went to follow her, but ran into the gulls who got her ducklings.

Indy and his big brother

I think this is Sweetie

I was taking pictures of another duck when I heard ducklings peeping.  When I turned around, the whole group ran up to me.  But, when the found out that I had no food, quickly went back into the water.

I found this new six duckling family today, but because there was a hyper human family with a dog feeding the other ducks nearby, the mom took them across the lake before I could see who the mother was.  I'm hoping it's Peaches, Butterscotch, or the Bossy mama.  I think it might be Butterscotch.

Bossy (Spoonface) was in a weird spot.  Here he is amongst the five ducklings:

Yep, his ring is still around his head, I hope it comes off soon and is not choking him:

This poor wood duck female is completely bald.  Her boyfriend is Doodle's Bully.  Apparently he's rough on the girls, too.  She seems fine otherwise.  Looks worse than it is.

The missing chick has been found!  He is hanging out with his mom, Squeak:

Problem is that one of Squeak's former suitors is harassing her and attacking the little chick.  This killdeer is very large and can easily kill or hurt the smaller baby.  I even saw him take a hit to the little guy, when the baby tried to fly away, as well as to Shy who seems to be helping with caring for him.  Here he is on a rock:

He does nest scrapes and courtship displays despite having no audience.  And, he's relatively unafraid of me, too.  Something's not right with him.  I hope he hasn't hurt Pollux.

If you go over to where he's scraping, you can see several nest holes.

Neo was also seen today, but I couldn't get a photo of him.  He was being attacked by one of the coot parents.  He looks good, though.  Has all his feathers now except the primaries.  Also, the Squeak and Pollux's daughters were also seen.  I think I will call the other daughter Peanut.

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