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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All is fine, it seems

All seems fine today at Lake Murray.  Fish Food Mama still has her five ducklings:

The lake's two oldest ducklings are still alive and doing well:

Neo was hanging out with his mama:

Bossy (Spoonface) has new friends.  One is the sick duck that seems to be much better.  The other might be "Hurt Wing", but I'm not sure.  She was standing on one leg and I thought I saw a "normal" looking wing on her bad side.

I also saw two ash-throated flycatchers there.  Here is a photo of one:

Here is the same one flying:

And, I saw a western kingbird hanging out.

 Here's a photo of one of the new juvenile killdeer, possibly Killer's new son:

And, here is Squeak and Pollux's son.  He was hanging out with the "giant" killdeer who constantly called and flew around him.  But, I think this little guy likes hanging out with him.

Smudge and Peanut were also seen and Peanut was seen flying!  I did not see Pollux and Squeak today, though.  And, Cinnamon's Twin duck and Quacker are still missing.

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