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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Counting Day

First birds I saw were these two stilts, a male and a female.  I think the gull was confused about them.

Male stilt
 I saw a gadwall and went over to see if it was Gaddy, the missing gadwall (and it was!) and they flew off to the killdeer breeding area.  Needless to say the juvenile killdeer over there were a bit scared of them.

I also saw the two hawklets in their nest.  You can see the older one sticking his head out, here.  The younger one has an all-white fuzzy head.

Doodle's Placekeeper was seen with Doodle's Bully and Baby Doodle.

"Excuse me while I molt into something more comfortable"

Mom of five was seen, but led her ducklings pass some gulls eating a fish.  One gull started stalking her, so she was super vigilant.  The gull gave up when he saw the ducklings go into the reeds and, possibly, because they were pretty big.  Her ducklings don't seem to worry about gulls at all.

Here she is, later, with her five.  Though it's too early to tell for sure, I think she's got three girls and two boys:

 Indy, whom I think is a boy:

Sweetie, whom I think might be a girl, but I am not sure:

Neo was also seen, doing well.

Two new juvenile killdeer were seen today, one still has some fuzz on him and peeps like a chick.  The other seems older.  I think this might either be Killer's new chicks from this year, but I'm not sure.

In this photo, fuzz can still be seen around the head and neck.

Notice the "chopped" look of the feathers at the base of the tail:

This one appears to be more mature, but still looks juvenile.

Squeak's chicks are still alive (at least two of them) and almost all their down is gone, except for some on Smudge.  They are still smaller than an adult killdeer, but not by much.  At first, Pollux was guarding them, but left them alone, later. I think he's trying to encourage them to start flying and when he leaves, he calls for them, but they don't follow.

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