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Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Bossy Ducklings

Well, I think I know why Spoonface has been hanging around this one area.  His mom had more ducklings.

Here is Bossy (Spoonface) with the ducklings, his mom and I think that might be his sister on the bottom:

I saw Butterscotch with her four out of six larger ducklings last Thursday in the same area, but did not see her today.

Neo was seen hanging out with the bigger male ducks, but still peeps like a duckling when his mom is around:

This molting wood duck reminds me of Doodle, I think it's Doodle's Bully:

This is unusual, a pied-billed grebe on land.  Usually that means it's sick or injured.  He seemed fine, though.

And, one of the young killdeers.  This one is tentatively named Killer III:

Fish Food Mama was seen with all five of her ducklings, but I couldn't get a photo of them.  And, the two brown pelicans are still hanging around, but I still haven't seen them feeding on anything.

Still no sign of Cinnamon's Twin, but I seem to remember a lake staff member saying she brought a duck to Project Wildlife because she was covered with blood.  I will have to ask about that as I think it might have been Cinnamon's Twin.  If it is, it is unlikely she will be re-released back at the lake because she's a non-flying hybrid.

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