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Saturday, June 2, 2012

In the afternoon

Un-named chick

Today, I went to the lake in the afternoon, which I don't usually do.

I saw Neo and he was with his mom.

He's 6 weeks old now and is going to be a very handsome drake.

His mom's mate doesn't like him around and is constantly nipping and tearing out Neo's feathers.  He is tending to a wound on his back:

Neo is very mature for his age.  Compare how feathered out he is compared to these two below, who are two weeks older:

This is the little weakling whom I thought was going to die the first day.  Her back looks a little hunched, but I think it's just the way her new feathers are coming in.  There was a drake nearby, but no sign of the mom. Hopefully the drake isn't being meant to them, too.

The Fish Food Mama still has five 3.5 week old ducklings that are beginning to get feathers.  This duckling is in a weird position with a full crop, but you can clearly see the feathers:

Here are two more of the five ducklings.  This next one looks very sleepy, I hope he's not sick.

The mom with only one is being a very good mom and her duckling is still going strong.  It was cold today, so they had their feet curled up into their feathers/down:

The ducks are molting.  Here is Pepper was grooming his broken wing.  He has full movement with it, but I don't think he can fly and position it right anymore.

Pollux was seen with the two female chicks, Smudge and her sister who seems more mature.  I think Pollux was trying to encourage them to practice flying.



Un-named chick

Pollux, watching everything

I have not seen Squeak since last Tuesday, though I thought I heard the third chick and possibly Squeak nearby.  It's possible that they have divided the chicks due to them reaching their teenage period where the male chicks tend to get aggressive towards dad and the females begin to bond with the dad.  So, sometimes, the mom will take care of the male chicks at this age while the dad will take care of the females.

I heard Junior's chicks today, he has at least two.  He ran up to me and begin jumping up and down, trying to get my attention.  

Then, he did broken wing acts.  But, I think his chicks had traveled far away by the time I got to that spot.

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