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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lake Cuyamaca and Julian

Today, My aunt took me up to Julian to shop and have something to eat.

We saw a few mountain chickadees at the book store.

Later, at the lake, I saw lots of swallows, cliff, northern rough winged, violet-green and a tree swallow like this one:

There was a mother duck with her two ducklings.  She was the only female duck I saw at this lake.

And, some adult ducks.  All three of these are domestic breeds.  I only saw one full-breed wild duck there:

They have more Canada geese there than at Lake Murray and Chollas Lake:

People were boating on the lake and fishing:

There was a big brush fire to the south of us.  I heard there were actually two brush fires, but one was quickly put out.  Last I heard about the second one is that it has burned a structure and there are evacuations.  It didn't affect our trip.  There was also a fire near my home as well, but it was put out.

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