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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shorebirds seen today--Famosa Slough

Today's trip was to Famosa Slough off of W. Point Loma Blvd. I wanted to go to the San Diego River mudflats, but it was a little foggy close to the shore.

Today, lots of shorebirds in the morning plus a good amount of snowy egrets. They were fighting. Well, actually one or two were fighting with everyone else.

Several black-necked stilts all around:

The killees! (Killdeer):

Many greater yellowlegs:

A couple of marbled godwits (only one pictured):

And, the little blue heron being harassed by one of the snowy egrets:

Also seen were American avocets, dowitchers, cranky willets, a long-billed curlew, mallards, coots, wigeons, pied-bill grebes, a cormorant, blackbirds, crows, pelicans, great blue heron, and terns one of which I swear is a least tern, but I didn't get a photo. It's very unusual to have least terns there this time of year.

It was fun seeing and hearing all the different shorebird sounds and watching how each species fed differently.

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