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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More migrants

Now that hunting season has begun, I'm seeing more migrants come in to Lake Murray. Most of these migrants are accustomed to people shooting at them, so they tend to stay out of my camera's range. So, some of the photos might be blurry.

First, here's a redhead and a northern pintail:

Some eared grebes along with a couple of scaup:

A ruddy duck:

And, the usual:


That coot that has the deformed feet and may be partially blind:

Here's a juvenile wood duck that I was hoping would be Doodle when I first saw him waddling around, but it wasn't.

And, the killdeer. I think I saw George III and possibly his mom this morning. Later, I saw two females, both seemed young, but one is slightly older than the others if I judge by the pectoral feathers. I'm thinking that one might be Killer and D.'s chick and the other might be George and Martha's daughter. Or, both could be George's daughter or one could be related to Shy who had chicks last June.

I did not see Bossy, but I think I saw his girlfriend or her sister and brother. Also, not seen was Doodle. And, it looks like the owl got another duck sometime since Sunday, a male mallard. The feathers looks to be of the duck that was in bad condition and weak.

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