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Monday, October 10, 2011

Killdeer photos!

Here are some killdeer photos I took today:

D. and Killer

An unknown female hanging out with Pollux


Watching for hawks

George's new daughter?

And, now for a couple duck photos:

I think this is Bossy, but I'm not sure. He was with two of the female friendly ducks until their brother stole one away.

I think this duck is new, possibly passing through:

RIP "Hop-a-long Bill".

The little ringed-bill gull that has been at the lake since the end of migration season last February, has passed on. Last Wednesday, I found him sleeping in his usual spot and he didn't move until I was close enough to grab him. He got up, moved a few inches, and went back to sleep. At the time, I didn't have any containers to put him in to take him to get help, plus I would have needed gloves with him as I didn't know why he was sick. When I saw him next, a couple hours later, he had moved to another spot, but appeared either dead or near death, but I didn't check on him.

Then, today, I found his body near the water. I looked at his leg and found that the skin on the damaged leg was completely gone and the bone exposed. Two of his toes and webbing on that foot were completely dead. It's amazing that he was able to walk on it all on it and for so long. His body appeared to have been laying in sleeping position when he died and possibly for some time afterward.

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