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Thursday, October 13, 2011

George looks for hawks


Killdeer George seems to have moved the family away so that he can spot for hawks. Here he is looking for the hawks.

Looking with this eye:

Looking with his other eye:

The place where he was looking were two favorite trees used by the Cooper's hawk to attack the killdeer.

Earlier, Killer, Dee and George III were out alone, without George:

Killer and George III

And, Baby Bob, the GIANT spotted sandpiper was out. She's almost as big as the killdeer, bodywise. I tried to get a photo of her and the killdeer together, but it didn't look good, so I deleted them:

The baby coot is almost full grown. Mom caught a dragonfly and he demanded it be given to him. Part of it was. Then, he begged for more food.

The whole lake seems to be turning into Cootville. Only the coots and a few ruddy ducks were out. All the other ducks were hiding or under trees because of the heat.

Here are some ruddy ducks:

Bossy and his girlfriend:


Quacker and one of Pepper's sisters:

This kingbird has an itch:

Because of the dry weather, I saw many birds down by the water that I wouldn't normally see on the ground or at the water's edge such as this juvenile Hutton's Vireo:

No sign of Doodle or the wood ducks for a long time now.

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