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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Foggy day

This morning was foggy almost all morning. The sun did come out in the afternoon, though.

George, Martha, Killer and Dee were spotted first. They were very vocal and flew around a lot doing their kill-dees over and over. Later, I heard sounds like a killdeer was being attacked by something, but didn't see anything. I'm betting the hawk was nearby, perhaps I was standing under it and they were trying to warn me. When I came through the second time, there were twice as many killdeer, it seems.

George and Martha

Killer and Dee


George's daughter

Pepper was there. He is absolutely fascinated with flying birds and loves to watch them. Here he is watching some pigeons flying around behind him. He loves to watch birds fly. I've never seen any bird be as fascinated by seeing others fly than Pepper. However, I have never seen him even attempt to fly himself. I wonder if he knows he can.

Bossy moved to a new location. Here he is:

Here is his ultra-friendly girlfriend:

I also saw Cinnamon:

The grumpy geese:

The juvenile Canada goose:

And, two towhees: