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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ducks and owls

Today, I found the body of a duck that I had known got attacked earlier this week. I saw the feathers scattered around, but didn't know who got caught until now. Here is a photo of the duck I took last year:

It is Ducky's friends' brother.

Here's what might be his duckling photo:

I would have never found him if it wasn't for these wood ducks:

I heard their calls and went to see if I could find Doodle when I found the duck. There was a huge great horned owl feather and a few others near the body. I think the owl stashed the duck in the tree, but it fell out into the water. I've seen skunk parts near there as well.

Ducky is fine. Here he is with his girlfriend, taken today. Her brother is nearby. So, the Three Musketeers are doing OK.

I also saw a female wigeon at the lake. First time I seen one there:

Also, a female Northern Shoveler. I had a hard time getting her photo as she kept staying in the shade.

Just for kicks, here's a photo of Louie, the gander:

And, Curly!

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