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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rainy Day

It is a dark, cloudy day with some rain. It didn't rain much when I was at Lake Murray, but it is supposed to later on in the day.

I found the real Pepper with his mom, one brother and, at least, one sister. Here he is:

Pepper's mom, Peaches, picked a big drake to mate with and he was a bit heavy for her and she couldn't keep her head above water very well. Luckily, Pepper and his brother were there because it distracted the drake so that he didn't keep her under water too long. Peaches must have liked it because a few minutes later, she was bobbing her head at that male again.

Quacker was there with the family. She has feathers on her face, but washed them right off:

The dumped ducks are adapting so well that you can't even get them out of the water even if you wanted to:

These ducks are seeking shelter under this table. A few of them ran out when I came by:

Baby Bob, one of the biggest spotted sandpipers I've ever seen, was there, but flew away:

And, a great blue heron was trying to get some napping done in a tree:

A sick grackle; he was walking around on his knees. However, he did have a great appetite and was drinking fine:

The baby coot:


At the ballfields, the Cooper's hawk was making constant attacks, but all the killdeer were too fast for her from what I could see. They need to stop hanging out with the starlings and doves.

George and his family were hanging out in their usual spot:

In the photo above, George or Killer is trying to be friendly to the young female on the right. However, she seemed a little scared of whoever it was and ran away.

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