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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Falcons hunting ducks

Sleeping juvenile killdeer

Today, I went to check on the animals at Lake Murray, as usual, and I thought I heard a falcon calling. Then, I saw something that looked like a juvenile falcon, but wasn't sure. A few minutes later, I see a vulture flying around and right after that, an adult falcon chases him off. I went over to try to get the falcon's photo, stepping through a bunch of coot parts and a bad a smelly area. But, he flew off and attacked some ducks across the lake. Luckily, the ducks saw him and got a good head start. However he, and the other bird, were very persistent. At one point, I saw something hit the water, but I think it was a ruddy duck or coot taking a dive. As far as I know, no one was hurt and I didn't see the falcons again (or get a picture).

Right under where the falcons were hanging out were about 15 ducks including Quacker, Peaches and her mates and daughters and some ducks that Project Wildlife released earlier this year. Here is one of the ducks that almost became a victim:

I also saw, in the same area, some eared grebes, but far off:

In other duck news:

Pepper, on the left, was being bullied by "Finger-biter", the large duck in the photo:

I also saw some wigeons:

And one of the shovelers:

A snowy egret (was eating crayfish, but couldn't get the shot fast enough):

The great blue heron:

Some unidentified juvenile killdeer:

And, finally, Baby Bob, the spotted sandpiper:

Also seen today:

Shy and her mate as well as what might be Miracle and her brother and Killer Jr. in the ballfield area. Hopefully, out of sight of the falcons.

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