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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another foggy day.

It was another foggy morning today and many photos I took did not come out well at all, so only a few are posted for today. I had one of a yellow-rumped warbler, but it was too blurry to post.

First, here's George and Martha:

Although this photo is blurry, I wanted to show how big Baby Bob (front) is next to the killdeer (back). She doesn't have the long legs, but her body is almost as big as theirs. She's almost the size and shape of a ruddy turnstone.

Pepper, hanging out. Notice the nice pattern forming on his chest:

I found a pile of feathers under a tree and when I looked up, the male Cooper's hawk was eating a dove. He wasn't very co-operative with me getting his photo, so it didn't come out as well as I'd like. Here he is with the half-eaten dove. He's clutching it against the branch. You can see the belly and legs of the dove hanging out below the branch near his tail:

I also saw a couple of shoveler ducks, too:

Bigboi and Doodle were not seen, but it was foggy. It is very unusual not to see Bigboi in the morning. He was still missing when the fog lifted, too.

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