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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tiny becomes a flirt

2 juveniles, I think it's Tiny and Digger

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera yesterday, but Tiny was flirting, very heavily, with the two female chicks from across the lake. Shy was not that interested and Digger didn't seem overly excited, either.



Today, when I brought my camera, it was too dark to get decent photos. I saw George and the entire family and Digger in Alvarado Bay at Lake Murray. Shy was across the lake and her dad was on the shore of Padre Bay giving alarm calls to his girl. I didn't get a photo of him as he flew away. Soon after he flew away, his little daughter came over calling for him, but flew back to her spot. The killdeer seem really nervous lately, possibly due to it being busy and the males being anxious about their prospective mates.

Also seen:

Here's George standing with a spotted sandpiper wandering behind him. George acted like he was going to attack the smaller bird, at first, but backed off.

George and a sandpiper


Female Chocolate (Chocolate 2) was seen today. Here she is standing straight up with her runner self. I think she has the same father as Chocolate 1, but different mother.

Here's a cute little white duck, probably a small Pekin or a call duck. It's smaller than the coots.

A gentleman named Bill comes to feed the birds at the lake and leaves his bag on the ground, sometimes. Here are some ducks eating right out of his bags.

That's Tom, the Muscovy duck in the photo. He's a sweetie. Some kids came along later and threw bread at him, but it didn't hurt. He was wagging his tail like crazy in a happy way, but I think the kids were scared of him or something. I told them about how bad bread is for ducks, but that doesn't stop anyone from feeding it to the ducks. I tried to tell them that Tom liked them because he was wagging his tail. The kids did leave him alone, though, after a few minutes. I love that old duck, would be sad if anyone hurt him. I wish I could take him home.

Bill feeds them cracked corn and wild bird feed, mostly.

Bread isn't good for ducks. There's one young duck that eats too much of it and then he can't walk or swim well afterward. He ate too much today when a family visited the lake and almost couldn't move at all and looked sick afterward. He gets better after a few days and it's better than the last time he over-ate, but it's still a problem. I am considering taking him to a vet or talking to a wildlife rehabber if this continues.

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