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Friday, October 8, 2010

Coot getting better, hawk almost catches a yellowlegs

The coot that got attacked and almost drowned survived the night and is actually doing better. This morning, he was eating with the other coots and using his leg, though it was obviously sore and he couldn't put any weight on it. It also looked like some feathers were lost or torn off on his hindquarters. Later, I saw him with his friends bullying other coots, so I think he's almost back to normal.

Having trouble walking, but otherwise OK

Here is a video I took with my 2.1MP camera this morning when the ducks and coots were being fed.

Good news: I found a better camera I could use, still no sound, though.

On the other side of the lake, there were over a dozen killdeer in the ballfields. I saw the Old Male killdeer (M4 male) and, I think, Mary with a couple of other females in one ballfield, I think one of the other females might be Digger. I couldn't take any photos because the gates were locked at the time..

In another field, there were at least 6 killdeer there including one that looked like a young version of Mary, but the head shape was different. I think Secret and his mom (the M6 mom, mother to Shy and Digger, too) was also in that same field as well. Secret's mom did not approve of the other females in that field. One couple ended up leaving and going to where some wood-chips were and I almost didn't see them.

Secret's mom and another female that she doesn't approve of

Secret, the female and Secret's mom

Young female, perhaps Bo or Mary's daughter

Young male, perhaps the young female's brother

Shy and her dad were all alone in another field.

Shy's dad


I think I saw a Cooper's hawk zoom by in that area. Earlier, I saw one attack two kingfishers, but was not successful.

Back in George's territory, there were no killdeer, but many ducks and coots were swimming under the trees because the water level was so high. The osprey was there, seemingly watching the coots, but, according to the experts, they're not interested in anything except fish. Of course, experts could be wrong. The raptor dropped into the water very close to the coots and, I think, got a small fish, though it really looked like he was going to catch a coot when he dropped. He flew over to another area, but was attacked either by a crow or the Cooper's hawk.

The osprey, sitting in a tree over the coots

Flying away

Later, I heard and saw 7 greater yellowlegs flying over. I could see that a small Cooper's hawk was trailing them, but they were way ahead, so I wasn't worried at first. They came into Alvarado Bay and began flying back and forth, never really settling. Then, one of the Cooper's hawk began to chase them viciously and came within an inch of catching one. One yellowlegs seemed to hit the water, but most have gotten back out because I went to see if I could find it and there was no sign of anything on the water's surface. I think all 7 yellowlegs got away. The hawk gave up and soared around before going somewhere else.

4 of 7 yellowlegs, trying to keep away from the hawk

The vultures soared over looking for hawk casualties.

Also seen:

Here are some ducks, such as Flycatcher and her sisters and brothers, sitting under a tree. This is their usual spot to rest, but it was flooded:

The duck's usually resting place was flooded

While I was taking photos of the ducks, my sandpiper friend snuck up on me, but turned around when I noticed him. Here he is hunting bugs:

Gotta get those bugs

Also, I saw this beat-up butterfly. I think it's a painted lady, but I'm not sure:

This seagull was on top of a picnic table shelter:

And, I'm not sure what kind of bird this is, I think it's a female kingbird:

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