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Thursday, October 28, 2010

More ruddy ducks!

I saw lots more ruddy ducks today, mostly juvenile and female. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork and are everywhere around the lake:

Also, I finally got a shot of that kingfisher, though it's a little blurry:

Here he goes:

I only saw two killdeer, a male and a female, both at the ballfield and behind a fence. I suspect that they're the M6 dad and Shy or Digger. The male is looking very beat up with a lot of scars. I feel kinda sorry for him because all he's doing is protecting his little baby girl.

Bad news about the loon:

The loon I saw a couple of days ago died peacefully soon after I took his photo. I have to admit he didn't look good that day. I didn't take a photo of him today though he looked healthier dead than he did alive. No signs of trauma or struggle. It's too bad that he made it all the way here and only lived a short time. Hopefully, more healthy loons will arrive soon.

Update on duck with fishing hook:

I don't think I saw her today, though I did see two females that looked similar, but with no injuries to their feet. I hope she got help and is doing OK. There is one young male that has a line wrapped tightly around his foot who can hardly stand, but won't let anyone catch him. I'm hoping he doesn't lose his foot.

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