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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Digger sneaks away

Surprise! Digger was running around near Killer

Digger (one of the M6 chicks) came to visit and hung around Killer (George's son) in George's feeding area at Lake Murray in San Diego. She is not Killer's first love, Shy is (Digger's sister), but I think Killer appreciated having her around. He did trill and chase her a little, but not aggressively, I think it was playful. I think Digger likes Killer more than Killer likes her right now. But, he's not screaming at her or trying to get her to leave, so it may work out.



I did hear killdeer calls from various areas of the lake. I think her dad was looking for her or George was giving alarm calls about the osprey.

Both Killer and Digger have gotten the adult body style and feathering. They looked filled out and almost mature.

The young couple

I didn't take any photos of the other birds at the lake today. Ducky, the "lost" duckling, was seen with a young female a few weeks older than her. They were in a newly mowed area near the west side of the parking lot. Chocolate 2 and her new, very large, Rouen boyfriend muscled them away, but I think everything was alright. It makes me nervous that Ducky comes up to the parking area considering there has been accidents in the past.

The Fish Food Ducklings are still doing well as is Tom the Muscovy duck. There was a duck spotted with fishing line around his leg. Bill is working to catch him.

On the way home, I saw a raven with what looked like a slipped wing. It didn't look broken, but it seemed painful for him to fly. I didn't think it would be a good thing to catch him as the wildlife rehab centers are closed on Sunday and he would have spent the day in a drop-off box, alone. His friend was watching over him, at least, and when I went back to give him some grapes to see how bad his injuries were, he was gone. I heard a raven screaming alarms across the street, but did not see him. I think he might have pulled a muscle or dislocated his wing while fighting with a hawk, whom I heard later. Perhaps he was able to get into a tree or on top of a building.

I wasn't real enthused about catching him by hand, anyway, because those beaks will bite my fingers off.

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