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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lots of killdeer today

Killer (the killdeer) looking great!

Today, I saw lots of killdeer, including Secret, Shy and the M6 dad. I also saw some new killdeer whom I don't think I've ever met before.

I actually saw the M6 dad and another, young, male getting along and realized, later, that the other male was his son whom he hadn't lived around since the chick was 10 days old. Yet, he was not aggressive. I wonder if, after all these months, he still remembers that Secret is his chick.

Almost looks like a marriage ceremony is taking place. That's the M6 dad on the log with Secret and his new female friend.

Secret has found a girl who seems to be about two to three months old, the age Junior's chicks would be if they have survived. I can't be certain as I couldn't observe Junior and his family, but I suspect they were raised nearby and it's a good possibility that the female is George's grand-daughter.

Secret begins to chase his female friend, who runs away, but then comes back to him

I also found this different-looking male, very beautiful:

The "puffed-up" banded male is back, too! He's another "oldie" in the area.

A hawk scared the killdeer in this area and they scattered. Then, I saw this young killdeer scared and calling for companionship. It was OK, though. I think it might be "Surprise" or even a sibling to the female that Secret is chasing around.

Shy was in another ballfied, sans her dad (who was attending to her brother):

In George's feeding area, Killer and Shy's sister, Digger, are still together and seem to be very happy, though Killer is constantly clucking at her.

This phoebe wasn't happy though. It kept swooping over the killdeer's head, probably slapping them with his wings, to get them to leave. They just ignored him and he went to hunt somewhere else.

The ducks looked good. Here's a photo of some of them dabbling in the mud for some birdseed. I think that's the "fish food" ducklings' mama:

And, this may be one of Flycatcher's two or three sisters:

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