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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Killdeers and friends at Salton Sea

Yesterday, I went to the Salton Sea State Recreational Area on the northeast shore of the Salton Sea. There was a $5 charge to park and it was good at all the beach areas. But, the main section near the headquarters was the best place to see shorebirds, especially killdeer.

I am in the process of putting a video-slideshow package together and will post it later.

This young male killdeer was very curious about me and kept an eye on me during my whole time in that area. The killdeer love the abundant small flies and fish in the area. Most of them were doing the "hot foot" dance.

Here is a stilt and a killdeer. There were a lot of black-necked stilts all over the SRA.

And, here's an American avocet and a killdeer (and a juvenile ring-billed gull).

Two female avocets (one may be a juvenile):

Here are some horned grebes in their winter feathers:

Juvenile green heron:

Golden plover and that male killdeer:

Snowy egret (and juvenile ring-billed gull):

Great egret:

Pelicans (they can be seen from anywhere around the sea):

Seven western sandpipers:

I saw some phoebes and heard at least one Gambel's quail. Lots of grackles, too, but not an overwhelming amount.

No ducks to be seen, but it may be because the water is too salty for them now. When the rains start in the winter, the ducks may start to arrive.

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