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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Injured duck alert! Also, it's getting loony!

There is a cute, friendly female mallard at Lake Murray (in San Diego) with what looks like a fishing hook in her leg/foot. I tried to catch her, but she got suspicious of me and went across the lake. She seems mostly OK, just limping. I am not sure if the hook can be removed without a vet.

I originally thought it was Flycatcher, but she's doing just fine.

Also, all three "Fish Food" ducklings are doing well, too.

And, here is Chocolate 2 (the female):

"Ducky" (the lost duckling) is a girl! Here she is:

I thought she would be a boy with her green bill. There's another female duck that I thought might be a male, but she is definitely a female and starting to flirt.

Also seen:

Several ruddy ducklings:

The pretty female gadwall:

And, a first for me, a common loon:

The killdeer were nowhere to be seen, but I heard at least 2, one near where George likes to hide and another near the ballfields.

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