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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Red-winged blackbirds and other birds

I took some photos of the juvenile red-winged blackbirds at Lake Murray this morning when it was cloudy.  There were several, both males and females as well as adults.

This little bird was with them, but I don't think it's a blackbird.  I think it's a finch, either house or lesser goldfinch.  Not sure, though.

These two song sparrows were fighting until I turned the camera on them.  Suddenly, they turned shy.

The common gallinule came out in the open and strutted around:

This is Stretch the duckling that was raised in this area near the 2 mile mark.

Big stretch!

This is the "rumpy" duck with no tail:

See?  He does pretty well for himself, though:

Unfortunately, I think Snowie's duckling has passed on.  I saw Snowie and Snowy (her mate) without him.  However, Snowie disappeared soon after I saw them together and her mate went on his own way.  I'm hoping he's in hiding.  But, that duckling was the boss of the two and they were very bonded, so I don't think he would stay in any place without her.

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