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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Finally! A Killdeer!

I don't think I've seen a killdeer for over a month and, finally, I saw Pollux by himself.  I didn't see the rest of his family, though.  I think I also heard Smudge on the other side of the lake.  I was afraid something had happened to her.

I also found the orange duckling who has more feathers than he had when he was dumped.

I think this might be Stretch, the duckling, also getting his wings.

This is the mom with the two youngest ducklings at the lake leading them away:

I thought this next duck was a duckling around the same age as Stretch, but I think he's actually a much older duck.  He was bleeding under his chin, but I don't know from what.  I think he got in a fight.  But, he was acting OK otherwise.

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