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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Duck update with new dumped duck and baby blue duck

There's a new dumped Pekin duck at Lake Murray who is hanging out near the picnic tables and the Kiowa Drive parking lot.  He was hiding in a thick brush.  I tried to get him out of there and into the water, but he seemed afraid of the water and, eventually, went back into the bush.  He seemed to feel secure there and chatted and bobbed his head at me from there.  I think he might have been in a cage or pen at one time and he feels the bush is secure like a cage is.

Baby Blue is still alive and is very lonely and scared of people.  I think people are being mean to him.

He tries, desperately, to make duck friends, but none of the other ducks want him around because he's still a peeping duckling, though his voice is changing

The Indian runner duckling has doubled in size and is huge now!

I saw this very light colored young  mallard that might be part Saxony.  I have no idea where she came from, but she might have been released by a rescue.  Or, could it be one of Big Daddy's daughters?  Or, maybe it's "Hot Duckling" from last year (who was fairly yellow as a baby).

A young male duck, I think it's Fish Food Mama's boy:

This is one of the two boy ducks that were hatched in July.  I didn't get a good photo of the other one:

And, here's one of the lake's oldest mama ducks:

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