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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hot day with ospreys, grebes and ducks

Baby Blue!

Baby blue is going strong.  He's such a smart ducky.  He seems to like this one mallard and tends to stay around where he is and goes where he goes.  But, the mallard doesn't seem to like him, much, probably because he peeps like a duckling, still.

I also took a photo of Oreo.  He was hanging out with three of Cinnamon's boyfriends, including her favorite male.

Here's another photo of the Indian Runner who has gotten HUGE.  He's as big as Bigboi now:

Bigboi and his friends were nearby:

All domestic ducks were well and accounted for, including the Pekin who was found way across the lake from where I saw him earlier this week.  He was hiding in the reeds on the lake side.  Since I don't walk over to that area much and he was in a bad spot, I couldn't get a photo of him.

Near Baby Blue, I found these two ospreys.  I think one is a juvenile, but I'm not sure because he could be a male.  I think I heard begging sounds from him, so he's probably a baby.  I don't think they're our resident osprey as both babies are gone, one dead and one with an injured wing and in a rescue facility.

Lots of western and Clark's grebes, too.

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