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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chocked full of hummingbirds in Julian, CA

There's a store in Julian, CA called the "Birdwatcher" that sells all things related to birds and bird feeders.  They have several feeders located throughout their property and birds are at them all day long.  The lighting wasn't that great for photos for several hours, though.  I have posted several photos I took below.  Forgive me if I mis-match the hummingbird IDs.

When I first arrived, I found a couple of Allen's and possibly one rufous at the feeders.  But, I couldn't get a photo of said rufous.  I did get a photo of a female Allen's.  I say it's an Allen's and not a rufous because of the curve in the bill:

This might be a juvenile male Allen's (or a worn male):

Anna's hummingbirds were very common:

I think this one is an Anna's because of the way the chest looks and its straight bill, but the wings are a bit long.  It could be a Costa's or a hybrid:

Costa's hummingbirds were also very common, almost as common as Anna's.  I think this is a female:

And, I think this one is a male:

There were a few that I wasn't sure, like this one.  It might be a Costa's or an Anna's.  Considering how much white is showing, I am guessing juvenile Costa's.

There were a few black-chinned hummers, too.  This one is a male:

And, this one is a female:

They had seed feeders up, too.  Here are some lesser goldfinches on a Nyjer seed feeder:

I also saw a white-breasted nuthatch, but he didn't stay very still, so the photo is blurry.  Plus, he looks worn:

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