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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Duck update

Here is a duck update from Lake Murray.  Snowie still has her two ducklings, though they still are very small for their age of 16 days.

A gull was hanging out watching them:

The two ducklings that the kids were throwing rocks at a couple of weeks ago are still alive.  I think they're only about four days older than Snowie's ducklings, but over three times as big.

I noticed one duckling seemed to be putting his head up in the air a lot.

But, I think he was either gasping or panting.  Both of them were fine later on.

The three babies coots are still around.

The Indian runner duck is also still around.

It's sometimes hard to tell him apart from Bigboi when he's swimming unless you see the two side by side. Bigboi has a different shape to his head and body, but looks very similar.  Both are two different breeds of ducks:

The magpie duck has moved over to Bigboi's side of the lake:

Also, Oreo seems to have moved around, too, but I didn't take a photo of him.

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