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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lake update 7/9/2013

I only went out to Lake Murray for a short time and my camera battery died, so I only could get a few photos.

Snowie's little weaking

I was surprised to see that Snowie's ducklings had made it to the two week old mark.  She does nothing to warn them of danger or control them and they just go everywhere they want.  One of them reminds me of Pepper's brother.

Here is the latest photo of Cow and two of her boyfriends.  She is the only female to survive from that big group of ducks dumped off last year:

This green heron was near the ducklings, but they weren't in any danger from him:

A very quiet juvenile pied-billed grebe:

I think this is a recently fledged Brewer's blackbird, though the blue around the feathers is throwing me off.  I think it's his chick down:

After this, my camera battery died.  I wanted to show a photo of the black Indian runner duck that I found a week ago who showed up in another area.  He's doing well and completely ignores me.  I think he thinks he's a wild duck.  Also, the mother with the two ducklings that the kids were throwing rocks at also moved to a new area and the ducklings are HUGE.  They aren't a whole lot older than Snowie's ducklings, but are at least twice the size and beginning to feather well.

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