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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ducklings hanging on

Duckling season is just about over at Lake Murray, though I have a feeling we'll have one more pulse of babies before it officially ends.  Snowie's baby is still hanging on, though he's still pretty small and fuzzy for being almost 4 weeks old.  He seems to have a problem with his eyes.  But, he's a very hungry little duckling and is always eating and moving around.

He better hurry up and grow before the great egret gets him.  Here is mama with him in the background.

The one duckling across the lake is almost all grown up.  He is going to be a boy duck.  He has already made friends with one of the Canal Mama's boys.

I may call him stretch because he always seems to stretch when I see him.

This is a family portrait of the raven family that I was nest monitoring.  The fledgling is grooming himself on the left, mom is in the middle, and dad on the right.

I only saw two of the three baby coots in that family of coots.  Both of them were fighting a lot and I think I might have heard the third one quite a distance away.  I believe they're getting close to being old enough to be on their own.  I didn't take any photos of them.

I found the mother with the two, one month-old ducklings, but they were too far away to get a photo of.

No sign of the buff duckling from last week.  He may have been rescued, or he may have moved to another area.  I did see a bit of feathers and down in the area where he was last seen, but they looked like goose feathers.

No sign of any killdeer at all in the lake area.

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