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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mongolian Lesser Sand Plover (and other birds) in the South Bay

I went to the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge in the South Bay to check out reports of a lesser sand plover (also known as a Mongolian plover).  I found him, but didn't get great pictures of him because of the distance:

Lesser sand plover, bathing

Walking away with western sandpipers

Still walking away with sandpipers

There were an awful lot of western sandpipers there along with dowitchers, stilts, godwits, willets, avocets, phalaropes, and semipalmated plovers.  I didn't expect to see this many shorebirds:

Look at these western sandpipers huddled up on the sand:

Some of these little guys let me get a close-up photo:

I didn't see the two rare sandpipers, but I heard they would be hard to spot even if I could access the area where they usually are.  I was more interested in the plover.

There were two adorable baby black-necked stilts, one was close to me, another was near where the plover liked to hang out:

Lots of semipalmated plovers.  This one seemed to be keeping an eye on everyone:

And, lots of savannah sparrows, but I think I only saw one Belding's savannah sparrow (not this one):

They like to glean from the vegetation:

There were killdeer, too.

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