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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snowie update

Snowie is down to two babies, one of them is the weak baby who is not eating much and swims with his eyes closed sometimes.    They are 12 days old now and are behind on their development.  At this age, they should have well developed tail feathers and be at least a third bigger.  They do look like they grew a little since yesterday.  I'm thinking all the junk people feed them is causing a problem.  I don't think they're going to make it much longer.

On the plus side, mom is working a bit harder to protect them such as hiding them in reeds and making them stay close to her.

The three baby coots are still alive and growing.  Their parents chase the gulls and other birds away, that's probably why fewer of them go missing:

This next photo is of a worn juvenile western gull.  He was so weird looking, I couldn't tell what kind he was at first and had to ask about him:

The black Indian runner duck dumped off last week disappeared as of yesterday and I saw his mallard friends alone.  I saw no sign of a predator attack.  This is the third domestic duck that disappeared in that area this year.  He was adorable and cute.  I'm hoping he was rescued, but there also people who would take them for food even though he's not a food breed.

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