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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15+ ducks dumped in one day

This morning, I found 15 new, terrified, domestic ducks dumped on the lake.  A few of them had those cute crests on them.  They extremely scared of me and after they went into the water, they stayed there for hours.  I understood why when I saw a big pile of white feathers nearby.  Apparently, one of the Pekins had been caught by a predator.

Across the lake, the usually duck brigade waited to be fed, though I think they had eaten already.

Zippy was seen by herself over there, and possibly Skippy, too.  They were fully feathered with their wing feathers, etc., so I think they're off on their own now. They are 2.5 months old.

I think this might be Neo, still not sure, but it sure looks like him.

And, the female redhead is still sticking around:

Shy and her mate are still around and Shy's mate still loves to yell at me.  But, when Shy is not around, all he does is make a pitiful deet.  For some reason, he doesn't follow his mate over where all the other killdeer are.  I can hear her calling to him, but he mostly doesn't want to go over there unless he has to.

Not a lot of killdeer for this time of year.  Mostly Shy and her mate, Pollux and his three babies, and Miracle and her one baby.  Sometimes, I see Killer Jr. there, but not a whole lot.  There's also no ruddy ducks or yellow-rumped warblers there, yet, and they should be there by now.

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