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Monday, September 24, 2012

Indy returns!?

I am not 100% sure that it is really him because his bill is so dark, but, perhaps that was one of the side effects of the anti-biotics they used on his fish hook wounds or the food they fed him. 

Or, this isn't Indy, but one of his brothers.  However, one brother is much larger than Indy and I think the other one has an almost all green bill and is more developed color-wise:

I didn't see any sign of any damage to his feet or legs, either, but it would be hard to see, anyway.  Hopefully, they got all the fish hooks out, including the ones way up in his thigh:

In case you missed his story, about three weeks ago, he was found with a large fishing lure with six barbed fishing hooks in his leg with a long piece of fishing line attached.  Most of the hooks were cut off, but one was too deep and couldn't be removed, so he was taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Here he is hanging out with a bunch of other ducks on the boat ramp where he had started to hang out before the fish hook incident:

Zippy and Skippy are almost totally mature.  Here, Zippy is trying to catch a piece of bread that someone threw at her.  Her mom is on the right.  She is very feisty and active when it comes to food:

Here she is:

And, here is her brother, Skippy:

The lake is starting to fill up with coots, they're everywhere all over the place, hundreds of them:

And, the killdeer still haven't started migrating through.  Here is either Smudge or her brother, hanging out in George's territory.  In the ballfields, Shy's Mate and Shy were seen as well as Pollux and his two other chicks, and a couple others.  I think I saw Miracle there, too.  I have no idea where Squeak is anymore.

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