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Friday, September 21, 2012

Just a few bird updates

The duck in the next photo might be Ducky, but I'm not sure.  There was another duck that acted and looked like him in another spot of the lake.  

This might be Ducky's girlfriend.  I think I also her brother there, too.  Ducky and his friends have been together for over two years since they were still ducklings.

I'm not sure, but this might be Sweetie, who looks like her Mama, Fish Food Mama:

The pretty female redhead is still there:

I found out that the Pekin duck on the left is a female, which is bad news because that means she will have about fifteen to twenty males after her.  The duck on the right is her boyfriend.  I hope he can protect her.

Here's the latest photo of Zippy, looking good!  Now, over two months old:

Her brother, Skippy who has a pretty green sheen going on with his head feathers.  Zippy also has that sheen, but not as much.

I don't know who this is, but he/she was in George's territory.  It might be Smudge.

Here is Miracle and she doesn't like that killdeer in the previous photo.  I caught her chasing him/her around. If the one in the previous photo is Smudge, it could be that Miracle is trying to chase her away because of an eligible bachelor killdeer in that area.  She might be trying to give her own daughter, Little Miracle, an advantage to snagging a mate.

Pat, the duck with the white on its head, seems to have found a friend.

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