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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How the birds handle the heat

Today was coastal cleanup day and I went to do some cleanup at Lake Murray, but it was over 100 degrees there today when I was there.  Yesterday, it was about 106 degrees.  

Here's how the birds handled the heat:

The gulls and many of the coots stayed way out in the middle of the water:

Here they are.

The ducks stayed in the shade, at least when human children weren't trying to chase them away.  Here is Bigboi almost asleep.  I worried about him because he's getting old for a feral duck:

The two young "snowy" ducklings (almost three months old) decided to sit near him:

And, I saw the red-tailed hawk sitting in the water as well.

But, for the killdeer, it was business as usual, or even playtime as they chased each other back and forth all morning in the heat.  I saw at least seven killdeer in George's territory.  I thought I saw George and his grandson, too, but the photo was a little blurry.  It may have been Killer Junior and not George that I saw.

I don't know who these are, I think it's Pollux and George IV:

I think this might be Peanut and Smudge:

Many of the killdeer were standing on one leg with the other waving in the air:

Miracle was taking a dominant position on a rock:

I didn't see Pepper today, but I did see him on Tuesday.  He's been hiding a lot, lately.  I wonder what is going on with him.  I also didn't see Zippy and Skippy, but when it's hot, they move to another part of the lake.

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