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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Duck and killdeer update

The killdeer are all scattered around, still.  I'm not sure who this is in the first photo, but it might be Little Miracle:

I am pretty sure this is Smudge, I think her sister Peanut might have been in the area, but got scared off.

For some reason, they seem to want to befriend Miracle, but I don't think Miracle was happy with them being around:

Pollux was seen all by himself making sad deets. All three of his chicks are off on their own and I don't know where Squeak went to.

After not seeing her for a while, "Mama's Little Weakling" was seen in her usual spot in the canal.  She is going on six months old now.

An update on Cinnamon and one of her boyfriends:

And, Big Daddy:

The ducklings, Zippy and Skippy and their mom, Yellowcheeks:

And, finally, two coots having an argument.  But, they resolved it peacefully, which is unusual for coots:

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