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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lake Update, Drizzly Day

The day started out with a California thrasher and what sounded like a black-headed grosbeak.  I couldn't find the grosbeak, but here's a photo of the thrasher:

Pollux and his son were over in Junior's territory harassing Junior's son.  I think this is Pollux, though I'm not sure because he has the chopped-feathered appearance of a juvenile, though those are his markings:

This looks like his son:

And, I think this is Junior's son:

In the ballfields, the Cooper's hawk was making multiple attacks against Killer Junior and Little Miracle.  Here is Killer Junior:

And, Little Miracle:

They were both still OK when I last saw them.

Here is Zippy and Skippy with their mom, Yellowcheeks:

Skippy's bill is turning green like a male's.  Later, he saw some fish jumping around and went to chase them, but didn't catch any.

Cinnamon has the attention of most of the large male ducks at the lake.  Here she is with five of the seven who usually associate with her:

Shy Neo let me take his picture today.  He doesn't like to have his picture taken anymore:

Unfortunately, we may have to say goodbye to the gorgeous blue Swedish duck dropped off last year.  He has been missing for about a week and I saw a pile of feathers across the little bay that look like they might be his.  It's possible a coyote or some other predator carried him off and that could also why Pepper has been hiding a lot, lately.  It's been almost exactly a year since he arrived.  

His friend, this Welsh Harlequin, is the last of the three ducks dropped off last September.  The other was a buff female who died a few months ago.  Now, he is alone.

We also should probably say good -bye to one of Cinnamon's boyfriends, the crested duck in the next photo behind the duck in front with the all gray breast.  He was sick for a long time last April/May and I remember seeing a big pile of feathers in the area where was was convalescing.  However, I wasn't sure if he was really gone as all the ducks were molting and sometimes his crest is not visible when he molts and he disappears in the summer, sometimes.  But, now that the ducks are getting their colors back, I can tell he is gone for sure.  He was actually at least a year older than Cinnamon, perhaps even older, so he did have a long life there.

The western grebes are still there.  This one likes to make a krieeeek krieeek sound that's pretty cool:

His two friends are over here:

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