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Monday, October 1, 2012

Dumped duck update

Several of the new ducks have gone missing, mostly Pekins.  However, the only all black duck has also disappeared.  I couldn't find them anywhere.  The crested Swedish has lost most of her crest and almost looks non-crested.

I managed to get them to come closer to me today, but I think it's because they're very hungry.  Many of the ducks seem to have lost weight and look underweight for their breed.  Pekins are usually very large, round and fat, for example.

 I have found little sign of any predator activity except for another fresh set of white feathers.  But, no sign of any black feathers.  The small black duck *might* have been able to fly away as she was small enough.  I am hoping that some of those Pekins were rescued.

"Puffy head", the fawn and white crested duck which has lived at the lake was missing as well.  I did see Buffy2 and Donald, his two best friends.  I had to leave all of a sudden, so I couldn't do a through search in that area a second time.  So, perhaps, I will find him and some of the other missing Pekins later.  With the missing new ducks, there should be 23 Pekins at the lake, but I only saw 17 today.

In other news, there are more migratory birds showing up now.  I saw and heard several white-crowned sparrows and a few belted kingfishers.  I think I might have seen yellow-rumped warblers, too.  And, I saw these guys, a flock of white pelicans circling the lake.  They used to stop here a few years back, but only a few have been seen at the lake in the last few years.

These circled the lake and decided to fly off in the direction of the Salton Sea.

And, the killdeer were all excited and chasing each other around, too.

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